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I have watched as teachers have coached students in crisis in halls or in the playground to calm themselves when they would have previously exploded from triggers. I am so impressed with the impact of this program… that I want to see the program expanded next year.


The Audio of the Transformative Life Skills protocol are offered in Inuktitut by the talent of Beatrice Deer, Jeannie May, and Evie Mark. The varied set of action, breathing, and centering practices have been shown to impact stress resilience physically and emotionally. These practices positively impact the physical body by increasing body awareness of breathing patterns, lubricating and decongesting the spinal column, reducing accumulated tension in the chest and ribs, and increasing the range of motion  of the upper spine and increasing blood flow to the brain. These practices have been shown to reduce the impact of stress and anxiety by activation of the relaxation response in the nervous system, reducing depression, and breaking down emotional armouring.  Regular practice of the  centering practices have been shown to increase focus and concentration, and increase connection to self by changing behaviour patterns in the brain.

To practice specific techniques, Protocol Segments are available below:



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The full version of the Timiliritsianiq Nunavik Yoga DVD, shot on the tundra near Kuujjuaq, has been made available here and on Vimeo. The sequences offer energizing yoga practice customized for the realities of Nunavik and can be used to build strength, flexibility, and relieve tension. It is hoped that Nunavimmiut of all ages will enjoy and find new strength, relaxation, connection, and comfort in doing this practice.

These videos were a labour of love and the result of the many talents, passion, and generosity of an incredible group of people:

  • TLS co-founder Christine Watt and Kuujjuaq community member, Louisa Yeates, guide you through a compassionate journey to your inner hero.
  • the amazing Grace Jull wrote, directed, and narrated the scripts for both sequences.
  • The wonderful Pauline Decroix shared her many talents as editor on this project.
  • Karin Kettler and Kathy Kettler generously donated their music for use in the customized track in the background (www.nukariik.ca/music).
  • Mark Kelso of Muddy Angel Studios kindly donated his time to customize the music track.

The videos were also generously supported by Northern Lights Yoga, Veronique Dion Roy, the NRBHSS, First Air, and the Kripalu School of Yoga. We hope you enjoy practicing in your own company or with community members.

Feel free to share the links with friends and family members.